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About Us

The Replas Environmental Centre offers visitors an opportunity to discover some of the answers to the problems faced by our planet. It is home to a range of products from Australia’s leading mixed recycled plastic manufacturer – Replas, along with other sustainable solutions and products. Whether it’s to learn about the Circular Economy, view Replas’ vast selection of recycled plastic products or simply to learn more about Recycling in Australia, The REC has it covered. 

The REC offers guided group tours packed with valuable education for councils,businesses and alike, school excursions, free access to the public and various events. With plastic use on the rise, we need to create a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycles plastics and that all starts with education. Take a step towards a more sustainable future by booking your tour today!


For more than 28 years the plastic recycling company has produced a range of over 200 products and has grown to become Australia’s leading plastic product manufacturers. Replas has since developed world leading technologies at our plastic recycling centre to reprocess Australia’s waste into robust recycled plastic products for outdoor use. These products offer an ethical alternative to the unnecessary use of virgin materials and provide long-lasting advantages to customers.

Recycled plastic is resistant to termites, microorganisms and moisture, and will never split, rot, crack or need painting. Through the REDcycle Program Replas is proud to partner with companies, such as Coles and Woolworths, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create. The soft plastic material collected through the program can be recycled by Replas and turned into products designed for outdoor use within the community.

Recycled plastic products

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A Circular Economy

Replas uses plastic waste collected in Australia to make a range of outdoor products. If there is no demand for these products, the plastic waste may end up in landfill instead. When government, schools, and industry purchase these products they are all helping to make the process work by closing the loop on recycling. This is called the Circular Economy, it ensures that the recycled plastic is being bought back into viable, useful products that will better the environment.

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