Griffith University And Indonesian Leaders Learn About Replas At The REC


In September, Griffith University was conducting the Australia Awards Indonesia, Tackling marine pollution issues through recycling program. Funded through the Australian Government’s Australia Awards, the program brought together a delegation of Indonesian representatives to look at innovative approaches to reducing marine pollution in Indonesia. Program delegation included members of the Government of Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Public Works and Housing, provincial departments of waste and waste management and industry representatives. Indonesia has a major marine pollution problem on its hands. Indonesia is second only to China when it comes to dumping plastic and urban waste into the oceans. It estimates that around 200,000 tons of plastic enters the oceans surrounding Indonesia every year from rivers and streams, mainly from Java and Sumatra. The focus of this short course was to explore the current Australian policies, regulations, research, technologies and expertise, both public and private that can be readily and easily applied in the Indonesian context to increase recycling to reduce marine pollution. The delegation visited the Replas Environmental Centre on September 11th as part of this short course, to see what innovative approaches Replas has to tackling plastic pollution. The group thoroughly enjoyed their informative visit and made valuable networking connections to answer any questions they may have for issues in the future.




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